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The stage was set for Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis' second professional fight. All the preliminary preparations had been made well in advance. The promotional and media events leading up to the fight, including a television appearance on Channel 28 talk show, “In the Upper Room” with hosts, Shaana Roy and Michael Riley, had all been handled by Team S.I.D. The only thing left to do was for Davis to go in and “take care of business,” as he likes to say, in the boxing ring and to Shut It Down!

Walking into the ballroom at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, one could feel the electricity in the air. Bally's has always offered a great venue for the sport of professional boxing and the fans who attend cards there always enjoy the intimate atmosphere (There truly isn't a bad seat in the house).

I arrived early for the jam packed sold out event. I got a chance to check out the action from the very beginning of the first round of the first bout. This was my first time ever attending a fight on The Boardwalk in Atlantic City and AC is definitely worthy of its legendary status as a premier host of world class professional boxing events and has served as center stage for launching top boxing prospects like Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis onto the world stage.

When all was said and done, Kyrone Davis climbed into the ring and proved that his 56 second knockout in his pro debut was no fluke. He faced a very game opponent in Rafael Machado and proceeded to systematically dismantle him in less than four rounds, landing devastating combinations and power shots that were just too much for Machado.

Making a grand entrance into the ballroom greeted by roaring crowd of fans, S.I..D. remained focused on the task at hand, securing the victory and putting on an impressive show for the sold out audience. He succeeded in doing both things decisively. This young man has all of the gifts for greatness. He is talented, engaging, intelligent, dedicated and an absolute tiger in the ring, matching the print on the trunks that he wore in the fight.

After soundly defeating Machado, Davis is now set to tackle whomever his next opponent may be and has already resumed his rigorous training schedule. He is a young fighter on a mission, who knows full well that talent alone is not going to get it done in the long run. Team S.I.D. is a well-oiled machine that is committed to moving forward with a full head of steam and like a runaway locomotive, Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis is prepared to flatten anything and anyone in his path on the way to achieving his goal of becoming World Champion.

A native of Newark, New Jersey, 19 year-old Kyrone Davis now resides in Wilmington, Delaware. Kyrone began boxing at the age of 8-years-old. He is a graduate of Christiana High School in Delaware. The eldest of four children, Davis is also a motivational speaker, certified life guard and a member of the Wilmington’s Fire Explorers Post 100.

For more information about boxer Kyrone "Shut It Down" Davis

Visit projectshutitdown.com

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About the Author

Michael J. Riley

Co-Host / Co-Producer - In the Upper Room Television

Co-Founder - U R Future Artists Talent Showcase

Founder / Executive Director – Leadership Empowerment Group

Founder / Senior Creative Consultant - Afromine.com

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March 21, 2014
Michael Riley – Leadership Empowerment Group
Wilmington, Delaware

Sometimes we all need to take a few steps back in order to “get” the bigger picture. Last month, I met a fantastic young fighter by the name of Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis. That first chance meeting in a Wilmington, Delaware television studio gave me a glimpse of, what I feel in my gut to be, a future World Champion boxer. A very soft-spoken young man, Davis has an impressive array of the hard and soft skills such as determination, hunger, charisma, and physical gifts. Combine that with continued hard work, maturity and dedication and you have an individual with the potential to rise to the top of the sport of boxing and perhaps join the elite names like Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiáo and select others in future pound for pound conversations.

Now, I can hear the doubters already sighing and thinking that maybe I am getting too far ahead of myself. So, to be sure to remain objective and impartial, I have decided to take a step back and let the story unfold for a while and as S.I.D. begins racking up professional wins and more KOs, folks will eventually catch up to me and my prediction and I will be waiting to say, “I told you so!”

Although it is early in what will hopefully be a very long and successful boxing career, all one has to do is talk with or listen to “Shut It Down” to get the sense that he is indeed on a mission and that he has his mind set on achieving his goal of becoming a World Champion. No doubt, S.I.D. is doing his talking with his fists inside that squared circle but, for boxing fans and commentators, there is plenty to talk about and a lot to look forward to from this gifted young fighter.

On February 21, 2014, Kyrone made his professional boxing debut at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino and proceeded to destroy Paul Wharf in 56 seconds of the first round. Landing a combination of hard and accurate punches to Wharf’s chin, Kyrone demonstrated that he can definitely Shut It Down in a hurry!

With an impressive amateur background that includes three national championships, Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis appears comfortable and confident in the ring and despite having an affectionate smile outside of the ring he has a serious mean streak inside the ring and is hell-bent on destroying his opponent once that bell rings to start the fight.

Davis’ next professional bout is scheduled for the Boxing Card at Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City on April 12, 2014. Free Bus Transportation Available!!  If interested contact Char 302-765-8103
For more information on Kyrone “Shut It Down” go to www.projectshutitdown.com on twitter @kyrone_davis and Instagram @kyshutitdown

Article by Michael J. Riley

Co-Host / Co-Producer - In the Upper Room Television
Co-Founder - U R Future Artists Talent Showcase
Founder / Executive Director – Leadership Empowerment Group
Founder / Senior Creative Consultant - A Frame of Mine, LLC

Copyright ©2014 Michael J. Riley - Leadership Empowerment Group

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Written by Michael Riley   
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 03:33

Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis and Dave “TNT” Tiberi

Whether you are from Newark, New Jersey, Wilmington, Delaware or anywhere else on God's green earth, if you haven't heard of Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis, I strongly suggest that you Google his name. I did and what I discovered blew me away. I found out that Kyrone's accomplishments far exceed what we were able to discuss during our live half hour television interview on local leased access program, “In the Upper Room” on Channel 28 (Video of the Live Interview Coming Soon).

Although much has been written about Kyrone online, a couple of things jumped out at me right away. Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis the boxer, a three-time national boxing champion and the only multiple national boxing champion to fight out of Delaware, is formidable and unrelenting. However, Kyrone Davis the individual is friendly, engaging and as fun-loving as any other young person his age.

An avid boxing fan, I was thrilled to be sitting down and talking with Kyrone and a local legend Delaware-based businessman, former fighter and current boxing promoter, Dave “TNT” Tiberi. Tiberi, who many believe won his fight against James “Lights Out” Toney back in February of 1992 (See video of Tiberi vs Toney Bout), is very actively involved as an advocate for the sport. In his role as a boxing promoter, he serves as a voice for positive change. Dave Tiberi and his company, Champs Management, have been working tirelessly to help promote boxers such as Davis and have proven to be most valuable in generating interest in featuring “The Sweet Science” at local venues in Delaware.

Sometimes, fate delivers a great challenge and an even greater reward. My meeting with the young Davis and the legendary Tiberi was completely by chance, as I was not even scheduled to be at the studio located on Lancaster Avenue in Wilmington, Delaware. My being their was due to an emergency cancellation by one of my clients and since I live only a couple blocks away, I was able to make it to the set about ten minutes before showtime and was able to catch up to the duo right before they exited the building.

I asked if they would come on with me and discuss the upcoming boxing card at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino on February 21st. Once again, I was on the receiving end of favor and they agreed to be my guests. It was one of the best live interviews that I have ever had. Hearing firsthand accounts of the hard work and dedication that went into building a championship amateur boxing career and learning of the thought processes and sacrifices that were necessary to prepare for Kyrone Davis' upcoming professional boxing debut on the 21st was riveting. I followed along as Tiberi lay the framework for the conversation and then allowed Davis to share his story in his own words. Davis talked about how his father and manager took him to the gym at the tender age of eight and how he was not all that interested at first but, then all of a sudden, had a breakthrough moment when his gift just seemed to come alive one day. Davis appeared to have surprised even himself with his rate of growth as a fighter and told me that he became excited about learning his craft and developed a great deal of confidence in his abilities along the way. Half an hour was truly not enough time to hear all of Kyrone's story and it went by way too quickly.

Based on last night's conversation and my subsequent research, I am convinced that Kyrone Davis is in top form and is most definitely on course to “shut it down” in the world of boxing! I can't wait to see  this young fighter in the ring making his pro debut and thank Dave Tiberi and Champs Management for making it happen in Delaware.

A native of Newark, New Jersey, 19 year-old Kyrone Davis now resides in Wilmington, Delaware. Kyrone began boxing at the age of 8-years-old. He is a graduate of Christiana High School in Delaware. The eldest of four children, Davis is also a motivational speaker, certified life guard and a member of the Wilmington’s Fire Explorers Post 100.

Kyrone "Shut It Down" Davis Pro Debut

Friday February 21, 2014
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
1131 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901.
Visit projectshutitdown.com
(Buy Tickets and Get a Free T-Shirt)

For future fight and ticket information, contact:
Champs Management
Call: 235-2500 Ext. 32
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Michael J. Riley
Co-Host / Co-Producer - In the Upper Room Television
Co-Founder - U R Future Artists Talent Showcase
Founder / Executive Director – Leadership Empowerment Group
Founder / Senior Creative Consultant - A Frame of Mine, LLC

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The Movie Found Review PDF Print E-mail

July 27, 2013 was the premiere date for The movie “Found” in Wilmington, Delaware. Shout out to Writer / Director - Lee Miller, Executive Producer / Assistant Director - Fred Fistzgiles, Studeo22Films and the entire cast and crew for a job well done. “In the Upper Room” television applauds and celebrates your successful inaugural movie launch for Found.

The house was packed all the way up to the projection booth and for a very good reason. Everyone who attended the Found premiere was there to not only show support but, also to see a great movie. Judging by the audience's size and engagement, they definitely got more than their money's worth, including a chance to walk down the red carpet, which was open to all movie-goers, and to take pictures with the stars of the production.

Although Delaware has hosted movie premiers before, there was something extremely profound about this one. The movie Found was born out of the real-life experiences of its writers and the collective vision of everybody who played a role in its production and ultimately groundbreaking launch in the sanctuary of New Destiny Fellowship Church, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks, Sr., Pastor.

The movie Found was a creative foray into exploring and expressing both, the triumphs and tragedies that are a common occurrence in urban life. Every character was masterfully portrayed in a way that effectively wove them into the fabric of the movie and rendered them an essential part in the telling of the Found story.

How powerful was the Found movie? Following the climatic ending of the movie, Bishop Weeks was so touched by the film's anointing, that he made a special call to Christ to anyone who was in attendance. That call was answered by one of the Found cast members.

There literally were no let-downs or let-ups in the intensity from the beginning to the end of the movie which featured a riveting soundtrack and musical score provided by Gil Hamm, Jr., Nathan I. Jacobs, Sinclair Johnson, CompleXXX and Forrest "DJ-F3" Fistzgiles - Music Supervisor. The audience's reaction to both, the secular and faith-based content in Found reflected the thoughtful and honest approach taken in creating a movie-going experience worthy of any Imax Theatre® screen, whether in Wilmington, Delaware or in Hollywood, California.

The movie Found was filmed on location in Wilmington, Delaware and includes local cast and crew members, along with talent from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. While there is nothing wrong with including a local focus, Found demonstrated last night that it is ready to be introduced to the world.

For more information about The Movie Found, the cast and crew, support the project or to watch the trailer online, visit themoviefound.com.

For more information about this review by In the Upper Room, contact Michael Riley or Shaana Roy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In the Upper Room is a local media and community outreach television program in Wilmington, Delaware covering community news, arts and entertainment and spiritual topics. Hosted and produced by Shaana Roy and Michael Riley, In the Upper Room airs live on cable Channel 28 and can be seen online at www.youtube.com/intheupperroom.

This review represents an independent opinion based on a unique viewing experience during an open screening of the movie Found. No compensation was either offered by, or requested from, the creators of the movie Found. Copyright © 2013 In the Upper Room.

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